NOK provides various types of hydraulic seals, buffer rings, dust seals, and related products for reciprocating movement; rotating oil seals for high pressure; and seals for oscillating and rotating movements.

O Ring

Having stabilized sealing performances and the ability to withstand applications under high pressures, o-ring is inexpensive, long lasting, and can offer extreme advantages from the standpoint of cost control.

Oil Seal

A component of machine that seals lubricants, an oil seal is constructed of rubber, garter spring, and an internal case. While preventing the leakage of lubricants, water, or chemicals, an oil seal also prevents the entry of dust and dirt into a machine.

National Oil Seal

National from Federal-Mogul has been a trusted brand of replacement parts for more than 60 years. Our oil seals feature our proprietary RediCoat sealant, designed to provide a proper seal in spite of minor bore imperfections. National offers a variety of sealing designs that match virtually any original equipment or aftermarket application, with a selection of premium sealing compounds to provide solutions for the most demanding applications.


Based on the theme, “coping with needs of the era and enduring customers’ strict selection”, Sakagami has concentrated superior technique, resulting in manufacturing various products. With originality in each, Sakagami’s product have been highly evaluated in quality in all fields as well as automobile and hydraulic industries.


Hallite is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic seals, wiper seals, o-rings, rod and piston seals, bearings and other custom high-performance rubber and plastic parts.